Low-Tech “Lovember”: Fixing our minds on the LORD

Father Jens has another Low-tech encouragement for us this weekend. We’re praying for a distractionless focus on God through prayer, scripture reading, silence, outdoor activity, or good books. Resist the deforming liturgies around us and receive the gift of discipleship from Jesus, a gift that makes us more truly human. Video here.

Low-Tech “Lovember”: Reorienting to Jesus

This month we’ll be taking a step back from our normal rhythms in order to draw closer to God and one another. As our lives are filled with every manner of screen and electronic device, often out of necessity for work, schooling, or relationships, the pervasive “everywhere, always” nature of media technology can have aContinue reading “Low-Tech “Lovember”: Reorienting to Jesus”

Psalm 3:5 and letting go of the day

I’ve been reading through the Psalms as a part of morning prayer. I’m always surprised at how surprised I am by the Psalms. How could I have forgotten their power and diverse array of emotions and God-centeredness so easily? I guess that’s all our temptation: forgetting what God has done for us and given us.Continue reading “Psalm 3:5 and letting go of the day”

African American Christian Discussion Panel

Join us Wednesday September 23rd at 6pm as we seek to listen to our African American brothers and sisters in Christ about their experience as Christians, students, and human beings in American life today. We are grateful for their voices and pray God’s Spirit opens our eyes and ears to the gifts they have toContinue reading “African American Christian Discussion Panel”

A Rule for Christian Life Today

If there’s one thing modern Americans have in common it’s that we are all individuals. We are individuals with our particular likes, dislikes, hobbies, desires, fundamental beliefs and convictions, and more. Each individual is to respect the other individual’s ability to create themselves as individuals as they see fit. We call this freedom (there’s anContinue reading “A Rule for Christian Life Today”